Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dessert at Tiffany's!

She was just 17, way beyond compare! America's shopping mall singer turned overnight teen 80's sensation TIFFANY performed at Splash last night. And you know I was there. With Bam, and my friends Steve and Rob. Love me some Tiffany.

"I think we're alone now" seems from another world ago, hidden far away in my childhood. And the scary part ...Tiffany is only a couple years older than me!

Trading in her signature ratty sweater look, Tiffany opted for a sequin butterfly. You go!


HughE Dillon said...

Oh no I am getting old, Tiffany looks like what my mom looked like when Tiffany broke out on the music scene.

Margot Leadbetter said...

That's Senator Barbara Boxer of California. At Splash!

Mark in DE said...

Tiffany performed at DE Pride on 9/13. It was hot outside and Spouse was re-ta-go, so we left without seeing her.

Mark :-)