Friday, September 05, 2008

Burning Man 2008 Photos (by night)

At night, Burning Man turns into another world. It's totally ineffable. The closest I can come would be to say that it's something like Toon-Town. At Halloween. Underwater.

Keep in mind, the vibrant "playa" is 9 miles squared, so wandering across its vast expanse you see visions of light in the distance, hear music from afar, and then you'll get close and discover something totally bizarre and inviting. Like a Roller Disco. Or the Thunderdome. Or an old west diner.

The place is magical. Like wandering across the sea, stumbling upon things from that naughty land Pinnochio went. Except people are nice and and there is no vice.


These smoke signals came on at dusk. I never discovered their origin, but I presume they came from one of the many bewitching "mutant vehicles".
I was continually inspired by the art and fashion. A disco ball helmet? Who's sparkling now?
Perhaps my favorite experience was at the end of one night, when Bam and I stumbled across this diner, set out in the middle of nowhere. A lone door frame was set out about 20 yards to enter into a world where waitresses took orders, chattered away, and served grilled cheese and pickles. All on the house, of course.
Check out this Party Fowl! This flaming disco duck was, in my humble opinion, the best thing on the playa. Proof is in the photo:
The duck zoomed across the desert carrying 200 dancing people aboard and when it stopped a bunch of mutant vehicles joined. And an instant house party was spontaneously sprung.
Below is the "Opulent Temple" camp. They had this platform and people were grooving away. The music was pretty experimental, but here's where I stayed til dawn on more than one night.
Big and Tall. Burners cruise across the Playa.
Another incredible installation. This animated humpback was breaching right into the playa.
Deep sea creature/moving dance party
This discovery was off the hook. In contrast to all the woo-woo finger-cymbal peace loving hippies, there was...the THUNDERDOME! Inside people went at it tooth and nail, and of course I clamored and climbed all over this big dome to gawk at the fighting below.
From a vertigo position atop the Thunderdome. All that's missing is Tina Tuner!
We all chanted "Two Men enter, One man Leaves!"
What about entering and coming?

Below, Madmax fashion on the dome.
These statues were awesome. Made from steel cables, all of him.
Just when I thought Burning Man had everything, I caught this dildo flower in bloom. The anal bead tendrils add just the right finishing touch. In the distance...the man...
Pyromania fantasyland! Fire twirlers and jugglers played all night. There was even a section where you could shoot your own fireblower (but only if you were declared sober).
This fire-breathing dragon was another outstanding Mutant Vehicle. It lifted its head and shot fire.
the glitter tree!
The man, the system. On Saturday. Just before he had to burn. The whole of 50,000 people made the pilgrimage to watch him go down in flames.


You said...

I am seriously blown away from your pictures. So amazing! Something I'll definitely have to check out next year! Thanks for lugging your camera and sharing!

Mark in DE said...

WOW - totally amazing!

Mark :-)

HughE Dillon said...

I like your facebook pictures better.

gristle said...

!!! i stumbled across your blog! i think i met u this year at burningman.. i remember you in your boots and gold shorts :P such a small world.. lol i also hung out with the little green man!
awesome blog! thanks!
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