Thursday, September 04, 2008

Anyone Home at Routledge Publishers?

I have no idea what's going on with my literary adventures from the other down under, otherwise known as my book You Can Run.

I don't even like to think about it, because basically I haven't gotten any sales information, like, ever. My publisher (Haworth) was bought out by another publisher (Routledge/Taylor & Francis) earlier this year and since then I haven't heard from anybody there. Which means I haven't received any information as to sales or anything--and then (get this!) the new publisher raised the book's price to $30 (although you can get it on Amazon for $20) because they mainly deal in "scholarly" books which go for that kind of price, and mine is just tossed in there with the same treatment.

I'm grateful to be published. And very proud of my book. I hope that all who are interested will one day read it, but because I'm not being paid, and because I don't know anyone who would buy a paperback travel memoir for $30, I'm gonna tell you how to get it for cheap.

Hit up Casper Andreas' site where you can get a signed copy for $14.99. And also at that link, you can purchase my film A Four Letter Word which was released on DVD just last week.

In the meantime, if you write a book and get it published, I hope you're in it for the love...


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

I'm impressed with myself - I now learn that I've read a scholarly book - cool.
Any of you who haven't read Professor Archer's book should definitely pick it up on Casper's site.
Aside from being wild and funny, the Prof's book provides vivid descriptions of what life is like for people living on the margins in SA. Worthwhile for that alone. Oh, and did I mention the sex?
Routledge may have to re-classify the book after all.

You said...

Perhaps they took your advice and "ran" away with your money? Oy vey, what a nightmare!

Edina Monsoon said...

Have you sold the movie rights to "You Can Run" to Casper Andreas?

Who would play you? I'm torn between Steve McQueen and Carmen Miranda. It's a scary place.

Stefan said...

I'll just add that your book - that should have gone for 200 SEK here in Sweden - now costs 400 SEK since the publisher went ahead and charged my bookshop the new higher price without informing them... 300 SEK was the discounted price I got in the end... Not that I'm blaming the store, but Routledge on the other hand don't seem to get the concept of bad-will or unhappy customers... =)

The book is waiting for me at home when I return from a week-end trip on sunday; for what it´s worth, I don´t think I´ll be disappointed...

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks Stefan, next time I get to fair Sweden I totally owe you a lingonberry and vodka cocktail.

Edina, well done. Your casting is impeccable. And no, film rights are mine, all mine. Any bidders???

Jessica said...

While your book is certainly worth that price (it is fabulous) awful~! This only motivates me more to start my own business. Miss you and wish you well <3