Monday, August 18, 2008

Splinters in Her Woodpile?

Sunday would have been Mae West's 115th birthday.

So I attended the well informed Mae West "Walk on the Wild-Side" walking tour with fellow "Mae-vens". The highly informed historians (and fans) wore Mae West inspired bonnets, and even sang songs and arias dedicated to Mae as they took us around Washington Square to learn about the people and places and inspiration in Mae's life.

Hat's on for Mae West!
Not only was Mae West the "Brooklyn Bombshell" who broke barriers to female sexuality, but she was also one of the first stars to fight censorship. In the 1920's, Mae West put a show on Broadway called "Sex" and was arrested for "obscenity" not only due to the show's content, but because she put known "degenerates" (homosexuals) on-stage. Mae was ordered to pull the production or face jail-time. Guess what? Mae chose jail.

She totally went to bat for the gays! And she was a huge fan of the illegal gay drag clubs (many of which we saw) which she went to with her friend Texas Guinan. Mae West is the undisputed queen of innuendo. Everyone knows a Mae West one-liner . What's your favorite?

I'm partial to:

"I used to be Snow White....but I drifted."

But after the tour, I may have a new one. Turns out Mae West once went on a radio show and told the host she'd let him "play in her woodpile."

Later in the interview, she said he gave her splinters.

After that show, Mae was permanently banned from the airwaves.

See why I'm a Mae-ven? A-Mae-Zing! Happy 115th!


Anonymous said...

That's so neat, never knew that even existed (the tour). My dad LOVES Mae West. He even got giddy at Universal Studios one time when the actress playing her posed with him.

See you soon.

Melissa & Jon

You said...

I think I must've slept with that Radio Host also. OUCH!

Okay, I'm off to put Sextette to the top of my Netflix queue!

Edina Monsoon said...

Perhaps the 115 year old Mae West is still alive in a nursing home, sharing a room with Big Betty and that other foul mouth gal.

The nurses say "Oh Mae, the tongue of yours will get you into trouble someday."

And then Big Betty's voluminous labia twitches....