Saturday, August 23, 2008

Put down the iphone and Dance!

Ever notice how in 2008 people go out socially and only talk to their portable computer?
Literally, people are just texting at the bar. Or browsing the internet. That's all they do.

Imagine my excitement at Posh the other night when I ran into this beautiful girl who was dancing up a storm. You know that hot song "Just Dance", where Lady Gaga sings "I lost my keys where is my phone?" This girl definitely lost her keys, her phone, and she misplaced her big gold heels, too! And she just kept dancing. Barefoot.

She was so infectious, I had to join her. Eventually, so did the rest of the bar.

My signature move: a crawl between the legs
Thanks, Cazwell, for the great tunes! Thanks Scott, for the pics!


Edina Monsoon said...

In pic #1, dude in the red t-shirt looks a bit apprehensive. By pic #2, he's coming to life with hands in the air. By pic #3, he's giving it his all and is straddling Jesse on the floor.

Meanwhile the guy in the white shirt minding his own business in pic# 1, is dancing with Mr. Red T-Shirt in pic #2, and in pic #3 he is squatting over Jesse.

By Day a quiet CPA and a Social Science Major, they both found themselves possessed by Jeese-ness. I bet they went home together and had the wildest sex of their lives.

(You can identify them by their shorts.)

Scott said...

Finally the photo credit. I can rest now!