Friday, August 01, 2008

Naked Men of Montreal

Up here in Montreal with Playgirl, blogging behind the scenes for their 8 man shoot. Don't know if the press release has gone out yet, but Playgirl magazine will cease publication after their January 2009 issue. It's all going to be online from then on out. Print's going, going....

But back to the boys!

The guys we shot here are total pros. Other shoots were amateur hour, comparatively. These guys are all (stunning) nude dancers and none had problems getting hard...or getting off.

And they were also giving me some serious...foreskin envy.

On set, I interview/get to know them for the playgirl blog, and I kept getting the same answers to the same questions. So I compiled a list of our demographic. With very little deviation, they all share the following qualities:
  • straight
  • dance nude for men and women
  • beefy
  • super hung
  • short (5' 9"-ish)
  • shaved to the quick
  • sleep naked
  • into "mixed martial arts"
  • into women with firm, round asses
  • plan to later work in (blanket term, I suspect) "construction"
  • totally chill
Maybe my description is deficient. Have there been 1,000 words? This might help you visualize:

The boys of Montreal all basically look like this hottie, Felix.
My opinion of straight guys has really risen with this job. Something about this kind of work just makes guys really open and funny and coolly confident. They crack me up.

I asked one of the guys - a real ladies' man player -- what's his biggest turn-off? "I get turned off," he answers, "When a girl asks me why my dick smells like pussy."

Another one I ask, "Where's your favorite place to have sex?" He deadpans, "In the ass."


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Glad you are enjoying your "job". Somehow my 9 to 5 doesn't compare.

Mark :-)