Friday, August 08, 2008

Mt. Adams Aflame!

In Washington state, right under Mt. Adams, there was a huge forest fire this summer. I practically grew up there. My ancestors settled a town just below the Mountain. Town is stretching it. It's more like a one-horse hamlet. My father built a cabin on our property in Trout Lake, where my parents will soon be retiring.

So the forest fire was big news. They can't stop talking about it.

There were pup tents all over the local schoolyard with dedicated firefighters battling the blaze. My mother made and brought them cookies. It was a real community effort. With helicopters, too! Mom even bought me a t-shirt memorializing the "Cold Springs Blaze"!

They're stuck on this fire, and as I prepare to go to Philly to judge the Mr. Gay Philadelphia contest, I'm struck with just how large a country we live in.

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