Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Meet My New Niece...or Nephew!

I found out recently that out in Montana, my sister-in-law is pregnant again! This will be the 3rd child for my brother and his family.

Seeing as my little sister and I remain deficient in our evolutionary responsibility, my brother took up the slack. With three kids, he's evened it out. One for each Archer. Thank you, Ryan!

This is the first ultrasound I received by email. It's a whole new generation...

Cute as a Speck!
*thanks, Danny, for concealing my sister-in-law's identity. Couldn't you have photo-shopped some sparkles for the embryo, too? It's lonely up in there!


Tony said...

Way cool, "Uncle Jesse!"

Mark in DE said...

Do your nieces and nephews call you Uncle Jesse, like in The Dukes Of Hazzard?

Mark :-)

Chad said...

I think he'd rather be referred to as Auntie Mame!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, I did not remember that you had a brother (and sister-in-law and now kids in Montana). I hope that it is in the Western parts of the state as these are the most beautiful (and the most "liberal") areas, sort of like BIG EDEN. Missoula is called the Berkely of the Rockies. Movienut.