Tuesday, July 29, 2008

That's What Friends Are For

Walking down Commercial Street in Provincetown lastnight. The clubs had just closed, and this one girl was down on her hands and knees wasted. Her head was shoved into a hydrangea bush, and she had a friend behind her, giving her advice. "Did you stick your finger down your throat?"

The girl in the bushes moans.

The friend encourages. "Just...allow your body to let you puke..."

Nothing happens. A couple of seconds go by. The friend rubs her back, and says, "Do you want me to stick my finger down your throat?"


Dtown~S said...

Been there!!!!

Michael said...

Awwww, Burt Bacharach and Carole B.S. need to rewrite the song to include THAT.

I know it sounds like I'm bragging, but after all these years I swear I can basically turn my gag reflex on and off at will.

Lucky Pierre said...

That is a GREAT friend.

And Michael, where do you live??

Patrick said...

That's when I knew I was a good friend.

Anonymous said...

The finger has probably been in other orifices, so what another hole then.

Rocco Gibraltar said...


P-town during girls week. What a pretty picture. Hope she did not waste any Spiritus pizza in her hurl. Pity that.

GF must have been holding her from the toolbelt as she blew.

She sounds top drawer.

Mark in DE said...

Now, THAT'S a friend!

Mark :-)