Tuesday, July 15, 2008

That Fuddy-Duddy

John McCain said last weekend that he "doesn't believe" in gay adoption. Ok John-boy, it's not the tooth-fairy. It's not something to believe in or not, it's something you're either for or you're against.

So he's against gays adopting children. Which means, in his opinion, orphans are better off as orphans than having gay parents. Moron.

Understandably, PFLAG has their panties in a twist over this. An adoptive father (he is one) should understand that a "family" cannot be defined. Especially not by numbers, gender, or blood. Let's face it, John McCain doesn't have the ideal family unit because they're not all related. If the old bird knew how to log onto the world wide web, he might read that last sentence and understand: all you need is love.

But since he's told me who should and shouldn't be in my family, let's moralize McCain. I have a few questions:

1) Since when did a Prisoner of War translate to War Hero? Last time I checked, getting captured by the enemy was not heroism.

2) McCain famously said he'll take another 100 years in Iraq! Is war just....in his bones? One would think, especially after being (heroically?) captured by the enemy, that he might work for peace. How can a former prisoner -of-war want more war? Especially when we lost that war? (or maybe that's just it...)

3) (perhaps most important) Why is his face falling off?

I'm sorry, but men with faces that are falling off should not be allowed to adopt. I don't believe in it. It breeds bad self-esteem in children.


Michael said...

And I don't believe in men who call their wives cunts (even if they are).


Did he disappear?

PS I want my President (and bridge engineers) to be smarter than I am. Is that so much to ask? Yeah, it has been, but we can do better.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you 100%, and you know I'm a conservative Republican. It looks like, once again, I will be forced to vote Democratic. How I yearn for the all-inclusive, moderate GOP of old.

Your friend Jimmy

oboist24 said...

love it J-man...you should have your own gay-talk express bus!

Mark in DE said...

You're absolutely right! Him saying he doesn't believe in gay adoption is stupid.

How ironic that our Senate is filled with men who've been divorced and remarried have the nerve to claim that gay marriage poses a threat to hetero marriage. Just as stupid.

Mark :-)


Face it, yo, there's no salvation for the gays in 2008. I say, fuck politics--let's give what them what they want: Crystal Meth, circuit parties and self-loathing; clearly, I can't adopt Asian babies. I'll only raise them Jewish and give them trendy Vietamese names that translates into the English as "bastard." And even if their bar mitzvah is the best of all their peers, I'm gay. They're upbringing is going to be fucked up no matter what.