Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Star Spangled Sluts

NYC Gay Pride 2008.
Photos of our Preparation to Infiltrate the Pride Parade
The theme: the Gay Vote.
The participants:

Anita Flagpole

Miss American Dream

Aunt Sam (wants you!)

The Head Master

Miss Global Warming

Hunta Fowl (an Endangered Species Activist)

Mimi Gration

About to infiltrate the parade: Patriotism stops traffic on 6th Avenue.

It all looks better from behind.

Promote the Gay Vote on Fifth Avenue

The Emprire State building watches as the gay vote rocks the parade (please note, two ladies have lost their heels to the grueling, unforgiving asphalt).

Wardrobe Malfunction!!! Head Master reapplies the pasties she lost in the downpour!

Bewitched, bedraggled, and soaking wet. These queens will not melt!
Sun and Rain. Long May our Rainbow Shine. I hope to uncover photos from within a glorious 5th Avenue summer rain!

Happy Gay Pride New York City!

Thanks to Thomas for these photos (more on his site).


Donnie v2.0 said...

I think out of all the gay pride pictures I've seen on all the 10,000 other blogs out there, these are by far the most fabulous.

Chad said...

You all look terrific! Sorry I couldn't be there with you!

jpfreeman said...

is your bf stuffing his shorts? if not, I'm going to need details and photographs.

Javier said...

Looks awesome! Happy Pride!

Big hug,

Mark in DE said...

Truly fabulous!

Love, love, LOVE your hair, girl.

And Georgette has a HOT chest.

Mark :-)