Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rules Schmules

My friend Mich is currently on an Atlantis Cruise of the Mediterranean with some friends. The cruise was rather affordable, and he told me that once on board everything is free....except the alcohol. So of course he was determined to sneak some hooch on board.

Mich called Atlantis Cruises.

"I am very particular," he told them. "I drink only FIJI bottled water. May I bring my own supply on board?" Of course he was planning on filling every last Fiji bottle with pure vodka.

"No worries," answered Atlantis. "We will make sure to stock Fiji water for you..." Damn, thought Mich. But he wasn't foiled.

Turns out, one of the friends who went with him is a doctor. Together they hatched a plan to pre-load onto the cruise ship several I.V. bags filled guessed it...pure vodka! Just in case, you know, anyone on the cruise is in need of an urgent I.V. drip.

I'm guessing there have been plenty of emergencies.


Sancho said...

Hah, IV bags of booze, love it!

Anonymous said...

that girl thinks on her feet! and on that boat probably on her knees . . .

Lucky Pierre said...

Hmm, I've never been on an RSVP cruise, but I've been on many others over the years. I've always brought my own booze for in-cabin get-togethers. I've never been told I couldn't bring it on board with me.

Jesse Archer said...

And are they not allowed to buy bottles when they stop at port? I'll have to ask about this!

Mark in DE said...

Mitch sounds like a cheap SOB! Just pay for the damn drinks already.

Mark :-)