Monday, July 21, 2008

PS. 1's Big Mirror

Hit Queens on Saturday to check out PS 1's museum's warm-up series this weekend. It's always awesome. They've got live music, beer, and each year they have a competition for architects to design the outdoor area. This year an "urban farm" theme won. You can also, of course, wander inside the old school for some always bizarre conceptual art.

In one room there was this gigantic rotating mirror on the ceiling. Everybody just laid down on the floor, and watched everyone else. Anyone standing looked like they were hanging from the ceiling. Strangely, the museum guards are really Nazi there about taking pictures. As if taking a picture of the gigantic rotating mirror is going to steal its artistic soul or something.

What's great about the iphone, is that you can take a picture surreptitiously. My friend Scott took this photo, and just as the guard came around to blab "No Photos!" I blabbed back, "He's not taking a photo, he's texting!" And how can he possibly know the difference?

With Bam, Chad, and Scott. I'm doing the Vetruvius man in the middle.


You said...

Hmmmmm, sounds fun! Had I not spent my entire time in the beer line I would've gone inside! Priorities!

Three Custom Color Specialists said...

Finally a photo credit!!!

landis smithers said...

nice vetruvius, man.

Jesse Archer said...


Dtown~S said...

How can we miss you? You're the only one spread eagle!

P.S. I really can't find that article, it was probably thrown out at Darren's place :(

Mark in DE said...

I totally don't get the whole "no photos" thing. Like you said, how can it hurt anyone or anything? Maybe its just a ploy to make the place seem more exclusive so that more people will come.

Mark :-)