Sunday, July 20, 2008

Karaoke Stars!

On Friday I did a promo for the Oxygen Network. It was for their new "air karaoke" so I got to dance around and ham it up on a green screen. I had the best day, working with a super fun director and three hot girls. We even went out for drinks afterward! I have no idea what it'll end up looking like, but here's a peek from the green screen set:

Do I look like I'm from Williamsburg? Thankfully I had a couple of costume changes.

I was really getting into it.

I wasn't the only one getting into it! Loving this girl, Lauren.

Angelique, Lauren, and mod!


The Blackout Blog said...

Is that the Karaoke on Demand thing? My friends told me they had a ball with it a couple of weeks ago. I was late to the party :-(

Jesse Archer said...

I think it is! Karaoke is always safer when enjoyed at home.