Saturday, July 26, 2008

George Michael 25!

I used to work at Restaurant Muse in Los Angeles and George Michael would come in, and often his music would be playing in the restaurant and I always thought what would that be like? To hear your own voice on a public soudtrack? I was always in awe of him, his beautiful voice. When he finished his plate of grilled salmon, I'd pinch the fork he used and lick it.

On Wednesday, my friends Chad and Scott took Bam and I to see George Michael's 25 concert at Madison Square Garden. I had no trouble figuring out what to wear. For George Michael, I wore my "I'd rather be Masturbating" shirt. No brainer!

(Scott, Chad, me & Bam) At the View Bar, for some pre-concert cocktails.

Outside MSG, on the way in, we walked right past a striking older woman with eyes the color of the caribbean. She was striking in a severe way, and it was only then I realized she was Linda Evangelista. The funny, ironic thing about people who possess exceptional beauty is that as the years go by, the only thing anyone remarks is how much they've lost, instead of how beautiful they still are. She is still beautiful.

The concert was, of course, amazing (that voice!). George Michael has some die-hard fans. I sat next to a girl, Jessica, who had been to all the George Michael concerts in Europe, then LA, now NY, and next she's headed to Boston. She had a printout of all the songs, in order, and studied it as we went along. "He skipped A Different Light," she told me at one point. "But I think he's just switched it with "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face..."

When George Michael sang "Amazing" and dedicated it to his boyfriend Kenny, a man walked behind us. "That's KENNY!" shouted Jessica, and I got a picture with her and Kenny. "It may be the closest I ever get to George," she said, later, pleading with me to send the photo to her (I did). I wonder if George Michael knows what it would mean to Jessica to meet him one day. I wish I could make that happen.

Kenny and Jessica
Wham! Lookin good, Georgie
I want your...voice!
Little, Big Man
For more of the concert, my friend Joey was in the 3rd row and caught it all on his blog j'adore joey.


Anonymous said...

It's too bad you didn't get a pic of Linda Evangelista...I would have loved to have seen her!

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Outstanding tee shirt - where'd you get it?
I know a perv who might want one.

Jesse Archer said...

Hi Tony--

I got it at Club Masque---in Dayton, Ohio. I think they have a website, maybe you can order one? ;)

Anonymous said...

Bam is really hot. You guys go so well together,,.. hope you put him in more of your pics on your blog,,,,,


Mark in DE said...

Love that t-shirt!

Sounds like a fab concert. I'd have loved having Jessica next to me, with all her 'insider' information.

Mark :-)

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks SM,
Bam is hot! :) But he's not always thrilled to be featured on the I keep him to a minimum ;)


Anonymous said...

you are a dream come true.
i love your blogs
And i love you.
And whenever you do
That thing you do
It makes me realize
That i love you.

Seriously every thing you do and make-up and write about is so awesome. makes my day!