Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fire Island Invasion Photos

What would you do for your country? This Lady Liberty was spotted in Cherry Grove on her way to the invasion. She was teetering, and walking very very carefully. She had a lot to lose.

The Invasion in Fire Island on the 4th of July is definitely the best thing you can ever imagine. It commemorates the occasion when a drag queen (back in 1976) was refused service in the Pines.

Each year since, every last drag queen on earth gets on a ferry, and they enter the Harbor. It's over-loaded with every last color of the rainbow, all of them waving away, and speakers blaring "God Bless America"--- and I get goose bumps. Literally, I showed everyone the hair standing up on my arm. Now that's freedom!

Then they unload and the leader, Panzi, yells out catcalls into a mic as they step off the boat. At one point, a rather old, tragic drag queen saunters off the boat, and Panzi calls out: "This one's got more teeth in her vagina than she does in her mouth!" Hysterical.

I always plan on invading, too, but then every year I get too wiped out from Pride. Plus, there's the issue of my outfit. Where would I stash it? On Fire Island, I crash on the beach!

The Invasion: July 4, 2008. Amazing!

At the back of the boat, in long dresses with long sleeves, I spotted the troupe of Mormon Polygamist Mothers. I about flipped my wig, and I wasn't even wearing one. I immediately declared them the grand-prize winners.

But then, just as I had declared the polygamists the grand prize winners, I spotted this drag queen paddle up in a kayak behind. I would've pinned her the late entry winner, but only if she rappeled up the side of the listing ferry.

In related news, Sofia Loren was later spotted in the meat rack. She was seen trekking in her pumps, delicately pulling branches back, on her way back to Cherry Grove.


Maurice Runea said...

I attended this event for the first time and I have to say, "Theres Nothing Like It", I had an absolute ball

Maurice Runea

The Blackout Blog said...

God, I need to stop going out of town on holiday weekends! Thanks for helping me catch up.
D. Kareem

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Mark :-)