Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Digger Dancing!

This summer, the NYC parks department partnered with the Joyce Theatre to put on *free* dance shows in all 5 borough parks. They call it "Dance Out!" and I caught it last week in the East River Park.

First was a guy doing interpretive dance, then an incredible acrobat danced all up and down a "chinese pole," Then the audience moved to a baseball field. In the diamond sat a backhoe. It began to move, and out jumped a man who proceeded with it.

I'm not a huge fan of conceptual anything, but dancing with a backhoe?

Ok, I'm now a fan. It was amazing! He flirted with the backhoe, it flirted back. They fell in and out of love. The performance told a whole story.

Imagine these photos in motion and set to opera music. The backdrop: a full moon sunset along the East River. Magic!

Upsy Daisy
Come and get your love

Make love to that digger!

A brave new world...


The Blackout Blog said...

Haha! That's pretty brilliant. Someone did something similar at a dance show at my college, except it was a scarf...

Okay, I guess not so similar.
D. Kareem

Mark in DE said...

Some people must just see the world differently than the majority. Good for the digger dancer for finding an outlet.

Mark :-)