Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Splash!

I don't often make it to Tribeca. It's actually easier to get to Connecticut than it is to get across town from Alphabet City to Tribeca. Thankfully, my friend Paul made the trip well worth it.

Aside from Coney Island, I haven't been to the beach this summer, and Paul improvised a rooftop pool party with a kiddie pool which he filled after diverting pipes from his washing machine. Clever boy!

Paul planned also on getting a trampolinen for the party, but never got around to it. That's a good thing, for me, because I know one equation: Trampoline + shallow Kiddie Pool = Jesse dead.

Bam Bam, Cooldan, Paul & Friends

Cooldan, Paul, Justin, and
Jesse and Cooldan at play
James, Jesse. Or is it Jesse James?


Michael Coates said...

Please tell cool dan I want to marry him.

Thanks love!

Michael said...

How fun! Although, my self-esteem would be bruised for weeks. Y'all so pretty.

Mark in DE said...

What a fab idea!

Hey, I saw a dreadful film who's "star" (and I use that word generously) looked like he could be your brother. Happen to know Dan Montgomery? If not, imdb him.

Mark :-)

Jesse Archer said...

Michael Coates--come to NY. Cooldan will be yours!

Michael, you're makin' us blush...

And Mark (how's DE?), I don't know Mr. Montgomery, but in one of his imdb pics he's with a (great) girl I went to school with, Marisa Coughlin!