Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mormon American Princess!

I had the great pleasure of meeting writer/performer Steven Fales in Provincetown last year where he was busy performing his one-man hit, "Confessions of a Mormon Boy."

He gave me a copy of his book (of the same name) which I read entirely on the bus from Boston to New York, and this is unnatural. I type fast, but I read slow. This hottie has seen it all: sex, drugs, and spiritual terrorism by the mormon church (the latter leads to the former), and by all accounts should be down and out. But what is so inspiring about people like Steven Fales, is he has turned it all into creative success.

He's back this weekend...all the way from Salt Lake City....with a brand new solo show!

Mormon American Princess plays at Joe's Pub Friday (tomorrow!) at 9:30, and if you see it on Saturday, make a night of it. Fabulous funnyman Alec Mapa hits the stage at 9:30, followed by the Mormon American Princess at 11:30.

It's gay pride weekend---let's show support to these out, proud showstoppers!


Mark in DE said...

America's Gaysian sweetheart Alec Mappa followed by Mormon American Princess Steven Fales??? Sounds like Heaven to me!

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

Jesse,Came from a heavily Mormon community. Half my HS, including my "girl friends" were Mormon. Have watched Latter Days about 8 times and still enjoy it. I have Steven Fales book on my shelf and have even attempted to E-Mail him, but so far, no response. It is grand what he is doing, coming from that background Movienut

Jeffrey said...

We are waiting for you to do a national tour on your book, Jesse. With a slide show of highlights.