Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's Hallmark Time

Speaking of Fire Island Pines, Neighbor Dan returned from Michigan and is out there working at the hotel Ciel, which I refer to as the CINDERBLOCK DUMP, and which costs $400 a night.

Because prices are so high out there, they can afford to advertise, which in turn means the gay rags around town will be featuring Fire Island Pines all season. Who said it was a free press?

Neighbor Dan (far right) is naked on the cover of last week's HX!

I got to see him, when he was in the city recently. Apparently, a winter in Michigan is filled with lots of free time--or maybe the elderly folks at the nursing home where he was training drove him to it---but Neighbor Dan got a sprawling tattoo all over his sprawling muscles.

There's roots, a serpent, some red thistles (?). I can't tell you what it means in its totality, and neither can Neighbor Dan, so it totally suits him. I can tell you it makes me feel like sinning.

Now that Neighbor Dan is back, I regret no longer being able to pass along tales from the Nursing Home where he worked. Sure, I made fun of them, but I make fun of myself too and I was kind of attached to these lonely ladies, weren't you? We don't have to forget about them.

I asked Dan what they most liked, or used. He said they really appreciated receiving cards. Think about how a card might mean to you, then think about how a card might touch them.

Here's the address, and the full names of the women I've written about. Don't mention me or this site -- but why not write a note of cheer from a friend? Let them know you're thinking of them. I'm doing it. It will take two minutes. Write letters, you remember how.

Go on, spread some sparkle!

Here's the address:

Norlite Nursing Center
701 Homestead Street
Marquette, MI

Here are the ladies who could use some sunshine:

Shirley Parker hates the world is Shirley Parker

Bag Balm Betty is Betty Jungwurth

Mary is a Little Lamb is Mary Basal

Number Crunching Trudy is Yvonne "Trudy" Massie


Anastasia Beaverhausen said...

Me too. I'm going to Rainbows & Triangles on 8th Avenue right now to buy my cards. I shall send each card a day apart. That way each day for 4 days one of the gals has something to show the others.

Daniel said...

I'm going to send them each a Ben Andrews dildo!