Friday, June 27, 2008

The Gay 2008!

"Emergency Gay Pride Meeting!" The 911 call went out back in January. Even then we were off to a late start. Our pride theme had to be decided.

Each year our rogue group of gays and girls pick a different theme as we march together in late June's New York City Gay Pride Parade.

2007's theme was "Long Live the Queens," and featured queens throughout history. I was, of course, the flaming queen.

NYC Pride 2007: The Flaming Queen braves Fifth Avenue.

That theme was a little all-over-the-place. For 2008, we wanted something a bit more cohesive, like in years past. It took two full winter meetings (nearly 3) to settle on 2008's theme, because one of us (Wayne) really felt we should all be Wonder Woman.

Ultimately, being an election year, the decision was made to be "THE GAY VOTE" and turn ourselves into a smattering of slutty star spangled Aunt Sams. We figured it was the right time to be extra patriotic. Why? Because there's very little reason to be patriotic!

This year, we are mourning the loss of three our longtime regulars. (One got sober and can't be around me because I'm a "trigger" - as if I pulled her throat back and poured down the liquor! Another friend got bored, and then Neighbor Dan "can't get off from work" -flaker!)

Still, we will be 8 in total, including some fresh participants (anyone is welcome, write me!) and although we used to get ready in our teeny tiny east village hovels, we will (for the second year in a row) be hosted by Xac Anthony Salon, which has generously donated their time, talent, and booze to prepare us for Sunday's march. From there, we will infiltrate the pride parade with absolutely no credentials, somewhere around 23rd street.

Besides wearing very little, (and what little being red white and blue) each of us has an election "issue" we are to incorporate in the outfit, such as "endangered species," "global warming," etc. Cooldan, for example, will be "Mimi Gration" for immigration, and Bam Bam is "Miss Fiscal Deficit," focused on the economy. I'm settling for a simple "Ho-Bama." Yes I can!

I suggested we all march in black-face, carrying a sign reading "Black is the new White House!!"

But this suggestion has encountered strong resistance.


Anonymous said...

Dear Flaming Queen, Not only a push to get out the vote for the Nation, but it is vital in California that the anti-marriage proposal on the November ballot goes down to a resounding defeat. This may affect the nation as well. Who knows? I may never get married, but I sure do not want anyone to tell me that I cannot. Cheerio, Movienut

melissa said...

I love it! Have a great time! Maybe we'll come and look for you!

Melissa & Jon