Friday, June 27, 2008

Drag Queen Roadkill

In 2004, in 8 inch stilettos, I did a faceplant into Fifth Avenue during the Gay Pride Parade. Mercifully, there is no footage.

But last year....

Our friend Wayne marched as "Queen Elizabeth." He looked regally stunning:

Wayne as Queen Elizabeth I

But while waiting for the rest of us queens to get ready, he overindulged at the open bar provided by our hosts XacAnthony Spa in Chelsea. She went from Royal Class to Trash!

This year, he wanted to be Wonder Woman. Could it have been from his experience last year on Wonder Woman's invisible jet? Watch below, as Queen Elizabeth plummets face first into a vehicle in the 2007 Pride Parade. Her intent, we surmise, was to get on the van.

She didn't quite make it:

Photo credit: Thomas Locke Hobbs
Video credit: Derek Coffer
(check back with them later for pics of this weekend's march. Where we're not sure who'll hit the pavement!)


Shane said...

omfg, lmffffffffffffff

seriously, I am killing myself laughing ha ha haaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

OUCH! Was there any skin left on those knees?? To the Airport in 6 hours. Yippeee. Movienut

Dtown~S said...


Mark in DE said...

Oh... dear... god! Poor Wayne.

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

giggling terribly....omg ;)-LouLou