Monday, June 23, 2008

Come into my Hole!

Broadway Bares 2008 photos. You can't imagine.

Broadway Bares 18, at the Roseland Ballroom (a midnight show!) was the best thing I've ever seen off-Broadway. Or on Broadway, for that matter. My friend Trenton invited me last minute. I can't believe I've been in NYC this long and haven't seen this.

I'll be going again, and making it a mission to make everyone else go, too.

How hot is this photo? Abs, breasts, color, dollar bills. Now that's atmosphere!

This years theme "Wonderland: A Trip down the Rabbit Hole" was an evocative, provocative, downright sexy spectacular! Filled with Broadway's best and brightest....undressed. It starts off with the rabbit in a number entitled "Come in my Hole"...and so the mood is set!

Funny "Come in my Hole" being performed at an AIDS benefit, but, as usual, I digress.

As do they!

Out came triple hot Tweedle-Dees, Tweedle-Dums, a huge Humpty Dumpty who ended up popping out of his fatsuit in a g-string. Nearly naked men performed "big time" as their g-strings expanded until BOOM! it flew off! The butterfly sequence, flying from the ceiling, put frickin' Cirque du Soleil to shame. A hooka pipe made me want to smoke. Mommie Dearest ran about flogging Christina with a huge wire-hanger to the tune of "Hanky Panky"with vintage Faye Dunaway sound bytes mixed in. You can't imagine the genius brought to the show.

And where in the world could this one-time event happen? Only in New York, kids.

At one point, Alice asks rhetorically:

"Why does wonderland always smell like latex, poppers, and cosmos?!"

That's only one great line (of many) I can remember because I was drinking heavily. Maybe that's what made it all the more amazing--the audience was standing, drinking, and were encouraged to scream and shout during the performance pieces.

Making cameos were the amazing Julie White (Little Dog Laughed, Six Feet Under), Nathan Lane (just saw him in "November"), and out actor Christopher Siebert (in the upcoming Shrek). And several others I didn't recognize.

What makes Broadway Bares even more spectacular is that this *one night only* show is all done in the name of charity. Created by a saint named Jerry Mitchell, and directed by Denis Jones, it's a fundraiser for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. They raised $874,372 this year!

Keep in mind, this collection of 200 actors and dancers are still performing 8 other shows a week on Broadway. They donated what little free time they have of their own to rehearse and prepare for this. If there's any clique I'd love to belong to, it'd be this one. I should probably stop blogging and start writing a musical.

Or pick up dance?

My only complaint is: can we cure AIDS already and give them another good reason to strip?

I'm normally a total tightwad, but knowing all these talented people came together behind a great cause, I found myself dropping $20 bills in g-strings during the strip-a-thon finale...

Then I got whisked backstage...

Bottoms up!

I never thought green hair was sexy...before.

Backstage was the first time other men were wearing glitter and eyeliner, and (curiously) I was not. What's with that?
Here are Nick Adams (above left) and my hunky friend Vincent dePaul (right). These guys are not only great looking, but greatly talented! It was Nick's g-string that blew off in the Big Time number! I just blogged about him recently (he's in A Chorus Line), so when I met him, I said "Hey! I just blogged about you. I'm Jesse." and he's like, "On the brink?" Totally called out. Still, he was generous enough to pose for a photo.

Incidentally, I'll be marching in the Pride Parade on Sunday, wearing as much clothing as Nick is above. My body has to look just like his. I have exactly 5 days.

Above, with Vincent (he was in the original Hairspray film--as a teenager!), and Tory Ross who played "Hatchet-Face" in John Water's Cry Baby musical on Broadway (which just closed).

Vincent in-between Tweedles Dee and Dum. Nice sandwich!

My super-sexy friend Ben Ryan, (above) with Nathan Lane. I've known Ben for years. He was busy fundraising for Broadway Bares up until the very last minute---on facebook! I was finally able to contribute, right into his g-string at the strip-a-thon. Wouldn't you?

The only thing not for charity at BB? The backstage faux - fluffing!


My friend Trenton Straube in the background (above) is not trying to stop the action. He may be doing the time-step, actually. The best part of this photo? The two lady custodians in the far background. Totally nonplussed.

Cocktail in one hand, cock in the other. It's my favorite pose! So why am I looking so crazed?

Thanks to VDP, Mich Lyon, Ben, and M M for sending me the pics here. For an excellent photo play-by-play pictoral of all the sexiness on stage at Broadway Bares, go here!


Dtown~S said...

I love you.

Steven said...

This show could never happen in Toronto - fear of frostbite.

Anonymous said...

OMG, OMG, OMG. 200 photos, 300 photos, 400?? I didn't count. I just gotta see that show. I am SO GLAD the rosy cheeked one allowed you to blog that photo. If I fly to NYC tonight, would you take me there? Oh, can't. Tonight is the big 34th at Tropicale. Our oldest and "dearest" friend (if you know what I mean) will be there. If things go as hoped, we may "renew" old acquaintances. Three can be a delectable number. Movienut

Z said...

Great pics! I cannot believe I missed all those! Those pics should have been on my blog! LOL

Anonymous said...

i was backstage for both the 9:30p and midnight shows and no one asked me for a fluff :(


mich lyon said...

this was my 5th consecutive year at broadway bares . . . but the new book 'broadway bares - backstage pass' covers a much longer period and, of course, the proceeds go to a great cause.

You said...

Hey, could you at least blur out my face in the fluffing pic? ;-)

Anastasia Beaverhausen said...


I'm watching Robin Byrd's show on cable. She's wearing a teenie weenie net bikini and her feet are tripping over her tits. I just know you have a Robin Byrd story. Please tell.

Mark in DE said...

I'm not sure, but it sounds/looks like sparkly naked glitter gay heaven!!!

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

wow,,, sounds like my kind of show! ok.. we all want to see the fluff pics! what a great cause- I think you should sell the fluff pics and give the $ to the cause,, how much?

stephen M

Jesse Archer said...

Dear Anastasia,

I don't really have a great story about Robyn Bird. Except I see her on Fire Island, and I did get a photo with her as she ate a big plate of mussels. I thought it fitting. You want it? ;)