Friday, June 13, 2008

Adult Baby Presented at Spanking Party

Just to be clear, I was recently in Chicago blogging on a wholesome Playgirl shoot. It just so happened we were staying at the Hyatt during the International Mr. Leather party. And you've seen the pup shows, gear, and gimps to prove it!

Imagine my surprise one morning, when I wake up to find a card shoved under my Hyatt hotel room door. It features a man bending over with a very red naked ass, and reads: "7th annual Chicago Spanking Party" and it turns out this seventh annual stinger was being held that very night just down the hall!

I actually raced home from dinner to the Hyatt to see what it was all about. And since a photo says so much more than words, here you go:

At the spanking party, a spanker with a great uniform brought his own tools.

Bad Boy Daniel Nardicio gets his comeuppance!

In the background, a bare ass feels the burn. In the foreground, two attendees have a serious debate. They were discussing wood-carving.

In a nearby Hyatt storage closet, we uncovered an abandoned baby crib. In moments, we pulled the pants down an adult baby, stuffed him into the crib, and giddily wheeled it into the party as an offering from the spanking gods.

The adult baby was received with a mixture of awe and shock; the same reverent response as the Incas had when they first witnessed the conquistadores on horseback.

The adult baby was last seen in the Hyatt lobby enjoying a cocktail.


Larry (MChips) said...

Too funny, presenting an adult baby as an offering... lol

Larry :)

p.s. Miss seeing you over on myspace, but I always check out your blogs here, though I may not always comment.

mich lyon said...

did they pull anything out of Bad Boy Daniel Nardicio's ass (like a bottle of jack) before they started spanking it?