Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Adieu, Florent

My friend Mich took me to lunch yesterday at Florent, in the meatpacking district, before it closes forever on Gay Pride Pride--June 29, 2008.

We're in week 2, "anger" as Florent goes through the five stages of loss. At least they have a sense of humor.

I've blogged about the death of the Cheyenne Diner, and my landlord forcing me out of my apartment with her greedy 22% rent increase. But at Florent, according to our waiter Max, rents rose from $5,000/month to $50,000 a month. No amount of club kids stumbling in late night could support that kind of increase.

It's been coming for quite some time now in the meatpacking district. It's overrun with high end boutiques like Stella McCartney, high end hotels like the Gansevoort, and high end condos built on the rusted out highline railroad now being transformed into a high end high-line park.

By land, and by sea----The strollers are coming! The strollers are coming!

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oboist24 said...

22%???!!! Are you fucking kidding me?! Is that even legal? Damn, that is just robbery. Where do you plan to move to?