Sunday, June 22, 2008


Happy Anniversary, Bam Bam!


Dtown~S said...


Shane said...

awww Jesse I love you

You and Sean need to come back to California and party with me before my upcoming nuptials lol

however, you can leave urinal man at home lmfao

errrrrr, I think Im getting in trouble on Seans site for saying lmfao.

fucking fags lol.

either way, I am a huge fan of yours. <3<3<3

You said...

Wow! I'm so impressed! And happy! Congratulations, boys!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

hugs to ya...

stephen m.

Anonymous said...

Wish you guys the best! Two years! WOW....

Stephen M again,,, in a realtionship for 28 years! It just gets better,,

Chad said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!



Anonymous said...


You just set the record for the shortest blog in internet history. Happy anniversary guys!

Your Friend, Jimmy

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks guys!

And Shane--I think you'll be in more trouble for knowing Sean's name than for LYFAO! I say LYFAO all you want.

And often!


lwando said...

Who would ahve thought! Hope you have many more, but most importantly, I hope you are happy.