Sunday, May 25, 2008


It might be obvious that I don't really fit in at a leather convention. I'm an anachronism, really.

I never fit with one group entirely; not in high school, and not now. I always envied people who had everything in common with one group or another--and also people who always knew what they wanted to do in life. Turns out, I'm perpetually sidelined which, if nothing else, certainly helps my powers of observation.

But back to the IML leather convention. They see right through me, so I've taken a proactive approach. Lastnight I got crunk (crazy drunk) in my room and ran around the convention, grabbing leather pouches, jackets and pants. Any item of leather that had a zipper, I unzipped. Just a little bit, and saying "Zip!" thinking I was very clever. Surely, they got the reference "Zip!" number from Pal Joey, but they just looked at me strangely, so I had to add, "Zip! You know--Rita Hayworth? Pal Joey? 1957?"

Nobody got it, so it occurred to me that I'm a musical theatre queen, so I guess I do fit in there. So where's my convention? Still, one would think that older gay men would get a classic musical reference, and a Rita Hayworth number no less, but no. After several unwelcome "Zip!"s, my friend Daniel says, "Stop. None of these leather queens know Rita Hayworth."

I was bothered and bewildered by this, so on my next playful "Zip!" the leather queen snarled and so I added, "You know, Rita Hayworth...Zip!...from Pal Joey?" "No," he pushed past, and I called after him. "Well I know you remember 1957!"

If anyone in leather is reading, may I present Rita and "Zip!" for your edification:


Timmy said...

My gosh! You're in town! I'd love to meet you. Where are you going to be and when?

bufordog said...

Jesse, you have it. You need to lead all us musicals queens forward and plan out own event. Oh, be sure to put Cheyenne Jackson in his Xanadu shorts on all the PR.

Mark in DE said...

Man, some people have no sense of humor OR taste in musical theatre.

And as for the convention for musical theatre queens, check this out:

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

Jesse, good morning. Margarita Carmen Cansino, daughter of Eduardo Cansino, Senior. As a VERY young boy (it must have been considerably "before I was born"), I saw a photo of a plump,awkward appearing, half Spanish, black-haired girl, dancing with her father/dance instructor/partner. Her frontal scalp line was a little low and she may have had a unibrow. Underneath, the text stated this was Rita Hayworth, early in her life. Impossible, I thought. This cannot be that beautiful, red-haired love goddess that I was in love with (even after I knew I was gay).
I was fascinated by her five tempestuous marriages and divorces. Her two daughters are Rebecca Welles and Princess Yasmin Aga Khan. Three of the more famous marriages were to Orson Welles, Prince Ali Aga Khan and Dick Haymes. The most sensational, scandalous marriage was to the notorious, international playboy, Prince Aly Khan. Sadly, Alzheimers brought to an end a magnificent talent and career. (more than you ever wanted to know?). bruce