Sunday, May 11, 2008

You May Kiss the Groom!

I'm currently in Basel, Switzerland where I came for a friend's wedding. I know, I know, you're thinking same as me: how many weddings must a gay friend endure? But in so many ways, this one was different. For one, their wedding was at a fairy-tale 13th century castle in Switzerland.

the castle garden.

Second, Rebekka and David are remarkably counter-culture, so it was bound not to be fraught with hysteria, or choked by a millenia of religious mysticism.

So radical was their wedding, that they asked yours truly to be Hochzeitsmeister, or "wedding Master."

I got to be the priest. And I wasn't even in Vatican drag! I did, however, say every last word in Swiss German (he lies).

Rebekka and David really wanted to mess with tradition and gender roles at their wedding. I was encouraged to be open and conversational, to talk about the time they marched with me at the gay pride parade in 2002, and how we all ended up in a color photo in the New York Times the next day.

"I now pronounce you 'Wan and Mife!'"

Rebekka is Swiss, and David is American. After years in Jersey City, they will now reside in Basel, Switzerland--A neutral country, for a decidedly non-neutral couple.

Hooray for irony!


Dame Daxx said...

Are you wearing Marble Shoes?

Dame Daxx said...

I was going to say they look like Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski. But that might have been considered bad taste.

Jesse Archer said...

Not marble shoes, they're cowboy boots. Imitation snake, of course.

Dame Daxx said...

There's a guy behind you taking a picture. I hope your big ole ass didn't block out the bride and groom.

Dame Daxx said...

And what about that pair of alcoholics on the left. Drinking Wine. In the middle of a wedding ceremony. I thought only Catholic priests could do that.

Swiss Michael said...

I can't believe you're in Switzerland.... are you going to stay for a few more days? I'd be happy to show you around Bern ;-) I had the pleasure to see 'A four letter word' at the 'Queersicht'-festival in Bern last november. It was definitely the funniest movie in the program, I loved it. I was surprised to see afterwards that it hadn't even been shown to a bigger audience. I've been reading your blog ever since so I won't miss out on anything.

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks for your comment Swiss Michael! Lovin' your country (and countryside!!) so far. How can I get a hold of you? Hit me up at

Mark in DE said...

Wow, what a wonderful honor! I hope you actually said "You may kiss the groom"!

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

Is the groom a Swiss rock star?