Thursday, May 15, 2008

What the Buck??

As for more, on people (on the web) I adore---is Michael Buckley. I used to think I was high energy, then I met him. Michael Buckley came down to New York for the premiere of A Four Letter Word, and interviewed our cast for one of the DVD extras. Wowza.

This guy is super gay, super funny, and super extemporaneous (or so he makes it seem). Did I forget to mention super-successful? His show, What the Buck? (subscribe here) is the most popular entertainment vlog on Youtube. That's not to mention 15,000 friends on Facebook!

I'm like a pop culture zero. Brothers & Sisters, Hannah Montana, Gossip Girl--what, who, huh? But if I do want a dose of all that, I prefer it quick and painless. What the Buck? serves it up in a whirl. He seriously gives that micro-machine man a run for his fast-talking money. And he does it all in one breath. Just watch:


Mark in DE said...

Oh my god, he's fabulous but he's exhausting. I'm not sure I can hear as fast as he can talk.

Mark :-)

Audrey said...

Wow. I think I love him.