Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Playboy for Playgirl

Because you know I was in Palm Springs for more than just a film opening and the white party...

there was a Playgirl photo shoot!

Here's standout Zeb Atlas, one of the seven hot guys we profiled. He's a shining star in the world of naked men. Fans from far, close, and wide hit him up for....BODY WORSHIP.

Hercules eat your heart out!

How's Zeb gonna manage all that mass as he gets older? Who cares when he's flying high on naked fame with his own enterprising website.

When I met him in Palm Springs, he was like a kid in a big body, and totally down to earth. How could he not be? He's from Oregon!

Zeb's completely straight, so how does he feel about his legions of male admirers? "I just like to be appreciated," he says. I heard that same sentiment from other straight models, and I believe it translates to gay for pay. It's becoming more and more common, and I gotta say-- I like the evolution.

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Mark in DE said...

I'm surprised to hear you say that you don't mind 'gay for pay'.

In my opinion the biggest reason why the government won't give gays equal rights is because they still believe we can be straight if we want to. Now, you and I know being gay or straight is not a choice. But the Zeb Atlas' of the world who will be 'gay for pay' perpetrate the idea that it is possible to simply have sex with the "right" gender.

Personally, I could not have sex with a woman if my life depended on it, but Zeb and others appear less dedicated. I feel like this 'gay for pay' thing perpetrates an untruth about us, and plays a part in our inability to secure equal rights under the law.

Mark :-)

You said...

Is that boy ridiculously sexy, or just ridiculous? He's like a male Pamela Anderson.

Jesse Archer said...

Hey guys. Mark, what I meant to say is that historically most straights would rather kill than be "gay for pay." So this new attitude will hopefully make it safer for all of us.
While your point is totally valid, I do believe it is possible for gays to have sex with women: for money, or because they married women to ward of the knowledge they're gay--a hit of viagra would do the trick in most cases.
This is not to say they are, can, or should be straight--that'd be living a lie.
I hope for the day when sex and sexuality will be so "who cares?" that it will be only a human rights issue, which is really what it is when it comes to discrimination.

Dame Daxx said...

"Body Worship" doesn't translate to "Gay For Pay". The dude will (maybe) get naked, flex his muscles. The punter gets to touch him but (usually) can't go near his dick and the ass cheeks remain firmly clenched shut. There's no fucking or anything close. It's more like your annual Dermatology check-up, with you playing the role of Doctor.

Jesse Archer said...

Dame Daxx,
I do believe you're right. Except I think that he'll let em touch his dick. Still, not exactly what shall we call it?

Dame Daxx said...

I'd call it Caressing For Cash.