Friday, May 23, 2008

On Comments

Dear Readers (and in specific, Audrey and Elusha),

The blogosphere should be one big forum, and I'm fearsomely free-speech. I really appreciate hearing from you, and knowing you are out there reading. After having received several spam comments which provided conniving links that probably lead to the new and improved sasser virus, I recently began filtering comments in order to protect your computer.

I switched to "comment approval" after first trying the "word verification" technique, because not only do I hate word verification myself (myspace, aaack!!) but I heard from several readers who weren't able to leave comments using that system.

Just to be clear: I'm filtering spam, not censoring comments.

Fire away!


Larry (MChips) said...

Just thought I'd say "hey"...

Like your site...

Larry :)

Jesse Archer said...

thanks, Larry!


Audrey said...

I understand babes... maybe when I'm a famous blogger I'll have to do the same!! :)