Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's a turd, it's a plane, no, it's....eneman!

Finally, anal douching has a superhero! Meet the Fleet Enema's "ENEMAN":

Eneman has flown to Chicago to save the day at the International Mr. Leather competition.

The Hyatt is not short on superheroes this weekend. Was the body-net crotched by hand?

This room is giving off some seriously mixed signals.

At the leather mart, a gimp to go?

Merchandising at its best! Going going gone. Pup and Dog tails are selling out! I predict kangaroo tails will be the top seller in 2009.

My friend Danny and I got stalled at the popper shelf. They had "testers," can you believe it?
We tested our hearts out.

This kills me. The best aroma in the world. At $35 a pop(per), it better be!

Eneman recommends....


ChadDarnell said...

I love the bottom picture (no pun intended) - the "Pig Hole Cleaner" for #19.90. That's got to be the most expensive bottle of soap in the world.

Mark in DE said...

I can't help it but this stuff just makes me giggle like a school girl! I know these people take this seriously, and that its a big, BIG turn-on for them, but it just makes me want to laugh. HARD!

Mark :-)