Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Hear You

Overheard at the Hyatt during the International Mr Leather weekend:


Man 1: We could go to the leather market...

Man 2: Or we could go upstairs. Room 1229 is taking loads all afternoon.

Man 1: What? How do you know that?

Man 2: There's a sign in the elevator.


What? He's got a portable dungeon?


We've got to go, hurry up! He's raffling the dildos in 12 minutes!


Elusha De Luxe said...

This is vaguely titillating when you envisage the peeps are porn stars like Francesco De Macho or Roman Heart.

When you think that in reality they are overweight carpet salesmen from Deluth with excessive back-hair, then the the image of the smelly dildos and cum-soaked faces is a tad less appealing.

Em, ugh.

Bufordog said...

How nice that Room 1229 is equipped to do that much laundry. Although I thought leather was more "wipe-and-wear".

Mark in DE said...

Mark <- still giggling...