Sunday, May 25, 2008

Grabby Awards

As chance would have it, the gay porn awards, the Grabby's, was held the same weekend as the IML convention in Chicago. At least one porn star kept referring to them as the Grammys.

Another surprise was when they actually gave out an award for best porn screenplay. Ahem. But the biggest shocker came when the award for best xxx fetish porn went to neither "Fist and Shout" nor "Knuckle Sandwich."

Is there no justice?
Chi Chi (he-she) LaRue presides (screeches?) at the Grabbys along with co-host Honey West.

I love this sponsor poster. I fruitlessly scanned the place for the "Chicago Methodist Church salutes the Grabbys!" poster.
Porn star Ben Andrews.
Here I am with Roma, an artistic director, freedom fighter, and sister of perpetual indulgence!

Check out the Grabbys swag! The thrill of getting a free $50 bottle of lube was bittersweet. Along with many boys online (internet inches, anyone?) I'm unfamiliar with precise measurements, but seeing this keg of lube I knew deep down it was probably more than 3 ounces, and I'd have to actually check my luggage back to New York.


Mark in DE said...

Wow, your trip to Chi-Town turned out to be a double hit, with the IML and the Grabbys! How did you manage to process the obvious sensory overload?

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

Did my previous comment go through? Not sure. To reiterate, man, those Fleshlight fleshjacks are super terrific! For variety, I have the endurance JACK and the ice JACK. Almost as good as a spouse.