Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gimp ISO Master

Somehow I'm in Chicago on the same weekend as the International Mr Leather competition. And I'm staying in their host hotel!

It's astonishing to see a hotel like the Hyatt transformed into a leather/rubber/costume convention. Thousands of fetishists have overrun the place, including but not limited to policemen, hockey players, gimps, masters, slaves and lots and lots of big boys in leather. As my friend Danny said, "Bring your granola, the bears are feeding."

Last night, I heard someone being lashed in an adjoining room. In addition to the Mr. Leather competition, there's a dog show in one of the Hyatt ballrooms. That is, of course, human "pups" and their "handlers." Plus, this morning I got a flyer with a picture of a very red ass with an invitation to the "Chicago Spanking Party." So much fun to be had!

Best of all was the hooded gimp we saw drinking alone at the bar. He was in a rubber suit from top to bottom, fully covered excepting three slits: two for his eyes, and a tiny one for his mouth. At the HYATT!

My friend N wanted to start up a conversation with him. Something harmless, so my other friend Danny suggests something benign: "Ask him who his favorite artist is."

N approaches the gimp.

N: "Who's your favorite artist?"

Gimp: "Will you pee on me?"

That answer sufficiently scared off N, so they sent in reinforcements (me).

me: "You look like you need someone to leash you up and take you home.

gimp: "I do." Beneath the two small slits, his eyes look wistful, as he adds: "I need a master."

All suited up and nobody to tell him what to do.

Judy Garland sang, "Ever since the world began, there's nothing sadder than...a one man woman, looking for the man that got away..."

Though I believe if Judy Garland were still living, today she might change her tune. There's nothing sadder than...a masterless gimp drinking alone at the Hyatt.


Buzz Stephens said...

eh, speaking of Judy Garland. You can win a copy of the new Judy Garland CD, JUDY TAKES BROADWAY! WITH FRIENDS by participating in the contest that begins tomorrow morning, at the Yahoo version of The Judy Garland Experience.
Here's the link:

Jared Fox said...

How did you just happen to end up in Chicago? You didn't plan this?

Mark in DE said...

Leathermen, gimps, peeing, and Judy Garland - all in the same post. Hilarious!

Mark :-)

Jesse Archer said...

Hhi Jared--well, I actually came to Chicago with Playgirl for one of their shoots and we just happened to be staying at the leather party host hotel. Ha!