Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Elms get their Leaves Back

I had one of those days where you walk around and suddenly realize, everything is green. Spring has sprung in the East Village. Finally. Thompkins Square park is in full bloom.

This park is the heart of Alphabet City. It is the center of counterculture activism. And it's my backyard. It's funny how in the city we become entangled with our neighborhoods. Could I live outside of New York City? Yes. Will I live outside of New York City? Yes. If in New York City, could I live far from Alphabet City? No, sir.

My friend Christian in Thompkins Square Park.
Behind, the "Temperance Fountain."

The Temperance Fountain was created in 1888 by the "Moderation Society." So naturally, I've had many an immoderate, drunken romp upon the Temperance Fountain.

One of these things is not the same...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

In your park, there is also a memorial to the victims of the Slocum disaster. For those who are not familiar with this incident, 1,021 residents of the Lower East Side perished after boarding the General Slocum on June 15, 1904. It was New York's deadliest tragedy prior to September 11, 2001. If anyone would like to know more, I highly recommend "Ship Ablaze" by Edward O'Donnell. The church that organized this outing, that went terribly wrong, still stand on East 6th Street (It is now a synagogue and looks exactly as it did in 1904).

Your friend Jimmy
P.S. I hope I did not misspell any words!

Jesse Archer said...

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for sharing. It's important to remember those poor german immigrants! I'm well aware of the Slocum Disaster. Unfortunately, after it happened, and probably because the captain got off so lightly and public outcry was so nil, lots of the Germans left the area. Before 1904, the east village was known as "Little Germany." Or so I'm told...

Also, that memorial is tucked away in the north end of the park, an area usually locked off...

Benjamin said...

yeah, this beautiful weather lasted for a mere 2 days, now we're back to gloomy overcast/foggy 48 degree weather, wtf??!

Mark in DE said...

Although I know it sounds cliche, but there really does seem to be an feeling of rebirth in the air when the trees and plants become green and blossom again. Its happening here in DE, too, and I'm feelin' it!

Love the photo of you at the fountain.

Mark :-)