Friday, May 30, 2008

Diversity Training Works!

I've got to say, I saw some pretty wild things at the IML leather convention in Chicago. Just imagine what the staff at the Hyatt thought and saw? I think they deserve some kind of award.

I even wrote a letter to the Hyatt thanking their staff. Amid rubber gimps, leather queens, and human pups, they were all so genuinely friendly: from the front desk, to valet, to waiters, to maids who, when I passed them in the hall, chirped out "good morning!" ....and you can imagine it was not a good morning in those rooms!

I doubt the Hyatt maids saw this.


Mark in DE said...

Businesses usually 'hear it' when customers are dissatisfied, and usually don't when customers ARE satisfied, so I applaud you for taking the time to commend the staff. Good karma!

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

The picture is pricless!

ScottC said...

Once again you have ommitted the photo credit bitch! Loving you, S&C.