Monday, April 21, 2008

The White Party-DeMythed

At the White Party I was awoken every morning at 8:30 by the booming sound check, and the blaring music that continued throughout the day. Just imagine. It was like some sort of gay hell.

Luckily, it was a damn catchy hell. They played the same three songs on a loop: The new Janet, the new Madonna, the new Mariah. It goes like this: Feedback, feedback, you've only got four minutes to touch my body!

Right out my balcony, The pool party was and is the best thing about the White Party. Made even better with plucky performances from Candis Cayne and Frenchie Davis.

White Party Wyndham: You've only got four minutes to get some sleep.

They've been doing this circuit thing for near 20 years, so they've learned how to make it as profitable, and as foolproof as possible. They've dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's: No room towels at the pool. Towels must be rented at the pool. No outside food or drink, not even water. $12 drinks must be purchased at the pool using pre-purchased SkeeBall-esque tickets from inside the lobby.

Get the idea? Annoying. Highly annoying.

During the bag search on my way to the pool, I was liberated of my snacks and water, but they couldn't strip me of the alcohol I'd already ingested so when I finally made it in and saw a big sign that said "No Diving Allowed!" I'd reached my limit on rules and promptly...dove right in.

I came up for air right beside a mer-man.

Did they search HIM for booze and snacks?

When I got out of the pool, I told my friend JMP all about the Merman. JMP was so plastered he wouldn't believe there was a Merman in the pool. He thought I was making it up. So when he went to take a look, he was still plastered enough to not be able to find the Merman.

"Were you looking in the pool?"

"Yes, and I didn't see a Mer-Man," claimed JMP.

"He's the one with the big green flipper."


At that point, we went back to the room for more cocktails.

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Mark in DE said...

For Halloween, I always try to make costumes from clothing/props I already have, and just purchase a few key accessories to complete the look. I'm not sure I could justify the Merman flipper. I mean, its not like you can just throw that on again when you have nothing to wear to next year's white party!

Mark :-)