Friday, April 25, 2008


Here are a few new things I've noticed in the vernacular. Can you add anything?

That being said: this is self explanatory.

That being said, listen. People can't say it enough.

Otter: a skinny bear.

"A big leather bear wanted me to be his otter!"

An otter is a hairy skinny guy. But wait! There's more. An otter is just the nice version of a skinny bear. A mean skinny bear is known as a wolf. Don't believe me? Just ask the urban dictionary.

Wigga: a white "nigga."

"Did you see Cazwell rapping at Area 10009? He's my favorite wigga."

Don't like the word Nigga? Neither do I, but I think playing around with it takes the edge off.

May I be the first to propose Straggot (stra-gut) n 1. a straight faggot. 2. Also known as a Metrosexual.

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Mark in DE said...

Straggot is funny!

Mark :-)