Monday, April 07, 2008

Petty Grievances

Allow me to kvetch for a moment. Here are some things I find highly annoying:

1) Those wrenches all over the right side of my blog! How do I get rid of them? Anyone?

2) All the time I am spending mindlessly on the internet. Bam Bam has noticed, too, and has taken action. He's somehow discovered how to stop me from using facebook. He's set up a firewall that blocks me from the site from 10 to 5pm. Ha! It needed to happen.

3) People who sign off on emails with "Best," Ugh. Best what? It reeks of trite insincerity and an obsequious attempt to be both professional and yet still cool & casual. Ick. Best is the worst.

4) Those Palestinian scarves. Everyone is wearing the "Keffiyeh" and I fear the trend is only beginning. Nothing says displacement like a rainbow assortment of the scarves that symbolize a Palestinian nation that doesn't exist. Next up--a summer runway of Tibetan monk sandals.

Hey hipster, Yasser Arafat wants his scarf back!


Sancho said...

I had the same problem with mine a while back. Seems a common problem, but pretty easily fixed:

That's a post describing what looks like to be the same issue you're having, with a link to another post with the solution. Hope it helps!

Buck said...

WOW! He blocked your Facebook!


Yeah those wrenches are an easy fix.


PS that was a topic on Sex in the City! "Gorgeous for Gorgeous, Best, Richard"

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks, Boys. Wrenches, be gone!

And yeah--I'm really scared for the day when Bam decides to block xtube.

bambam said...

Hey - bam here. For the record, everytime I looked in the direction of Jesse, he was poking someone on facebook and giggling. It was incessant, bordering on obsessive. I've done him a favor. Plus, Jesse fails to mention that he asked to be blocked to overcome his addiction. Ha!

Mark in DE said...

All valid gripes. Here's mine: people who walk through the grocery store talking ont their cell phones, not attempting to verify a specific ingredient, but rather, just shooting the breeze with a pal.

Mark :-)

Jesse said...
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Tony said...

Item 2: You never poked me - so now I'm safe?
Item 3: Mea culpa, I'm pretty sure. Won't happen again.
Item 4. Lots of people other than Palestinians wear the Keffiyah in the middle east. I picked one up in Amman, Jordan.

Love and Kisses,


mike said...

you're sooo right about the "best" thing! my professor for my PR class signs all of his e-mails that way and now suddenly everyone I will graduate with does too. I tried it for a while, but I felt like such a fucking fake. I stick with thanks now. Is that really any more sincere? At least it is coherent.