Friday, April 04, 2008

On the Radio. In the Blogosphere.

Lastnight I had the great opportunity to co-host the Derek & Romaine show on Sirius Satellite Radio with my friend Derek Hartley. I filled in for Romaine Patterson who is off in Palm Springs with all the lesbians at the Dinah Shore "spectacular."

If you have Sirius, their show is fun, gay, and enlightening. Lastnight we talked about everything from crystal meth to Margaret Cho's pussy (she recently had a "g-shot" which is an injection of collagen into the g-spot. Ouch!) On the show was home-builder Tom Judson, aka porn star Gus Mattox, and also Claire, the latest girl sent home from America's Next Top Model.

And while we're speaking of witty fun people that you will never meet...let's talk about my favorite blogger, YOU! You are thirtysomething, very gay, way too single, and you live in Manhattan (of course). This blogger is so damn good, I invited him to the premiere of A Four Letter Word and he wrote all about it in his latest post. Thank YOU!

This is not you.

You may be anonymous, but his writing is downright virtuoso, so if you like good writing and want to imagine your life as a cocktail swilling, lovable cad in the melting pot of new york city in 2008, then head over there and follow the adventures of Blonde Beard, Jet Blew, the Dicktator, the Hobosexual and oh-so many more. Trust me, you'll be hooked.


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Just bookmarked 2ndPerson. You're right, he's good.

You said...

Virtuoso? Is this a word that The Dicktator taught you during your Private Music Lesson? ;-)

Thanks so much for your kind words and the amazing plug!

xoxo You!

PS-Did I mention that I love-love-love your friend Tony?

Mark in DE said...

Hey Jesse,

I just found your blog (from your comment on The Smoking Cocktail) and had to write you. I loved you in "Slutty Summer", "Boy Culture", and "Four Letter Word".

I have a little feature on my blog called 'Crush du Jour' where I show a photo of my daily crush. You were March 13, 2008!

Mark :-)

You said...

Back Off, Mark in DE! Jesse Archer is my Internet Crush. Don't put it past me because I will cut you...

Dtown Sal said...

woah, things are getting violent now.