Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Not their PROUDEST moments

The surprise performer at the White Party was that there was no surprise performer. I heard they couldn't work out a contract with Janet Jackson. And while the White Party was full of fun-loving white-clad boys, it was by no means as full as it could have been, or as full as it used to be, even with a surprise performer ----and perhaps that's what the promoters are realizing.

As I mentioned before, the hotel was full at all hours. It's really a sight to see a generic family hotel like the Wyndham-with its cream colored walls and green reticulated carpets--overtaken by near naked men lurking the hallways, or seemingly lost within the elevator, having forgotten to press the button. Not everyone is on drugs, but on more than one occasion, I'd look up into the liquid large pupils of a smiling face and comment, "My, what beautiful black eyes you have!"

Rupaul was the featured performer at the White Party and hard as she might try to work those three songs she's famous for, she was whipping a dead horse. Rupaul strutted out, posed in some sort of ashtanga yoga move, and people literally stopped dancing. Worse, when she went backstage for a costume change, eyes rolled.

Reappearing for her "Supermodel," the crowd stood around nonplussed. That's when I heard the guy beside me tell his friend, "I'm gonna go grab a water," which aptly summed up Rupaul's showstopper. I've never felt sorry for a drag queen before, but I did then-- this was most surely the absolute nadir of Rupaul's career.

After that, I headed back to the hotel, where I found my friend Mayor in his own room staring at the popcorn ceiling. He actually never saw the sky the whole weekend except for twice, when he left to forage for food. Mayor somehow even slept through the booming volume of the pool parties, because he was up all night ordering in boys. He put an ad on Craigslist with his room number and spent each night in the constant company offered via his revolving door.

That night, he told me the story about the beautiful 25 year old who had dropped by his room. They were just about to get undressed, when the kid grabbed a little kit and a belt and headed for the bathroom. Mayor stopped him, "Are you going to...shoot up?" to which the kid replied, "Do you mind?"

"No," said Mayor, "But do it here. I want to watch."

Curiosity and the cat. I'd probably say the same thing. Mayor sat rapt, noticing all the track marks, as this beautiful kid tied the belt around his upper arm and shot up speed. Then he repeated in the other arm, and if that wasn't enough, he shot one into his leg.

"What happened after that?" I ask Mayor.
"We had sex," he replies.
After a beat, Mayor adds, "It wasn't my proudest moment."


Mark in DE said...

Aw, I love Ru!!! Too bad the crowd did not appear to appreciate her.

God, with these stories of the drunks and drugs at the White Party, I'm really glad I've never been.

Mark :-)

Christopher said...

When I last saw RuPaul a couple of years here in Atlanta I had the same reaction and so did most of the boys.

Joe Moore said...

I have to agree with Mark, I'm not comfortable around so much heavy drug use. Maybe I'm a prude, oh well. :-)

Sorry to hear Ru didn't do so well, she's fun to watch sometimes. Maybe it just wasn't her night.

You said...

Wow, I'm kind of in shock after your Mayor story. It makes me kind of pleased as (spiked) punch to be your run-of-the-mill alcoholic.