Monday, April 07, 2008

I was Moonstruck!

I headed to the Monster last week for "Night of 101 Chers" -- I mean, who could resist? As it turns out, there were only about 9 Chers. But I didn't feel cheated. Trust me when I say 9 Chers make it feel like 101!

The Monster is in the West Village, across the street from Stonewall. It's a bit of a throwback, which is why I love it. Upstairs, they're singing showtunes around a piano, and down below you've got legendary host Jesse Volt (one of the sweetest people around) putting on a showstopping "Night of nearly 101 Chers."

Jesse Volt as Cher.


Mark in DE said...

LOL - I can understand how 9 Chers might FEEL like 101 Chers. Sounds like fun though.

Mark :-)

Dame Daxx said...

Beware of Cher. She is a killer.

At a club in Bali a few years ago, a girl was dancing with her boyfriend. Then the DJ started to play "Do You Believe In Life After Love". The boyfriend hated the song and walked off the dance floor. Moments later a bomb exploded from the direction to which he had walked. Along with hundreds others, he died. She lived.

Lucky Pierre said...

Yikes, Dame Daxx. Way to bring us all down. Anyway, I used to go to the Monster when I was too lazy to leave the Village (I lived on Leroy, so it was really close). It always felt like 1978 in there, and I always suspected that Cher was lurking, just out of sight.

Allen Wayne said...

Well somethings don't go away. I'm a Florida native but I went to The Monster in like 1987!