Saturday, April 05, 2008

Koch is A Four Letter Word for....?

There was a surprise guest at the 7:45 screening of my smutty gay romantic comedy "A Four Letter Word" lastnight at the Chelsea Clearview Cinemas. When I arrived for a Q&A session, the manager Scott told me the "mayor is watching your film." The mayor? Bloomberg? Nope.

It was a cane-carrying 83 year old ex-mayor Ed Koch and his date: a bodyguard.

I thought when I saw him... because Koch is not openly gay. In fact, he was criticized for not being aggressive enough in addressing the early 1980's AIDS crisis because of the attention it might draw to his own closet.

He still maintains his "bachelor" status. Here is how he answered the question to Time Out NY in an interview just last year:

Time Out: Are you gay?

Ed Koch: When was the last time you performed oral sex on your boyfriend?

Time Out: Well I'm single now so it was a long time ago.

Ed Koch: See, I don't think you should answer that question. It's an improper question, and so is yours.


So what is such a proper person doing at an outrageously improper gay film? The NYT review mentions "breezy shots of male genitalia," "explicit but never sleazy," and "good natured gay raunchiness." My character in the film (Luke) would definitely ask Mr. Koch when was the last time he performed oral sex on his boyfriend. And if he swallowed.

Perhaps at 83 years old, Ed Koch is finally ready to answer? Maybe it could keep him young? Improper is so much more fun.

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Bob said...

I've heard that like the late Pontiff Pius XII, hizzoner makes use of monkey gland injections to maintain a youthful radiance.

Besides, why wouldn't you want an endorsement from a man who's name rhymes DOCK? It can only help with the Post.