Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hunka Hunka Hunka

So, I was onset blogging last weekend at another playgirl shoot and one of the models had been up partying all night ("because the music was so good" - uh huh). He was kinda sketched out and couldn't get an erection.

he producer came over to tell me, "Jesse, the models says he needs a fluffer. It's the only way he can get hard." I took one look at the tweaked out model and politely declined. The producer pleaded with big puppy dog eyes. "Please?"

Honey, I may be a fluffer, but I'm a discretionary fluffer.

Thankfully, the professional models don't need any help. And there were several professionals on site. Take this guy, for example:

Or porn star Victor Steele (below). A total pro.

Yeah, it was a long hard weekend.

For more fun, they're posting ongoing bits of my blogging over at iloveplaygirl.com.


JPFreeman said...

Learning that you turned down a fluffing opp has left me a little beside myself. I'm both perplexed and proud. I know you have standards, but penis posed for Playgirl publishing must be really hard to resist, even when it's not really hard at all. Good for you.

I would have done it.

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Just checked out the ILOVEPLAYGIRL blog.
A "honey-do" - violating a fruit - that's outrageous.
I guess if you can't get the real thing, it'll have to do.

damedaxx said...

Playgirl should be Mr-Hunky-Middle-America-Pulls-Down-His-Pants.

I'm not so keen on their transition to generic scrawny Chelsea homo.