Wednesday, April 16, 2008


It's like old times in Los Angeles. My friend Eric is constantly shooting off great one liners. I'd forgotten how funny he is. He should be writing for television. If I lived here, I'd be following him around the entire time for script fodder.

For example, the other night he was out at the bars and some guy kept hitting on him, some guy he wasn't into at all. The guy kept talking about how he wanted to put "8 inches" into Eric. He set himself up for this:

"I've got 8 inches for you..." he coos. Eric brushes him off.

The guy comes back with, "Yeah, I'm gonna give you 8 inches..."

Eric faces off. "What?" he deadpans. "You're gonna fuck me twice?"


Anonymous said...

hysterical! You should write that into your next script.

Mark in DE said...

That's a great line! You should keep track of all of Eric's gems for your next screenplay.

Mark :-)