Sunday, April 06, 2008

Art & Commerce in Brooklyn

My friend Audrey put together a star-studded event at the Brooklyn Museum promoting the new Louis Vuitton conjunction with Japanese artist Murakami and featuring rapper Kanye West: further proof that the same three people not only own everything in the world...they own everyone as well.

More importantly, it was an open-bar.

Behind me, rapper Kanye West mounts the stage. Yes, those are two glasses of champagne I am holding. Yes, they are both mine.

Kanye West...raps. (For the record, I do not recognize one song he sings. I am that gay.)

Takashi Murakami has been called the Andy Warhol of Japan, only his stuff is a lot better than any Andy Warhol ever cobbled together. Murakami has an exhibit right now in the Brooklyn Museum. He also has designed the latest Louis Vuitton's bag---and (gag this) there is an actual Louis Vuitton store inside the Brooklyn Museum now, too.

You may not think you know Murakami's work, but when you see it you realize you do. It's a mix of color and cartoons and ugly consumerism and the simple understanding that yes, the same three people do own everything in the world, but let's give it technicolor dazzle anyway.

In his Murakami's own words, "I express hopelessness."

As for the party--it was a total success (way to go, Audrey!) Check out the New York Times review of all the hoopla here between money and art and artists, and if you scroll down on the left--you will see a video segment of "The Urban Eye"--(with flowers) which also details the party.

At about 3:52 into the video, you will see me being interviewed as I'm trying to steal (jokingly) the gift placemats from the other guests. I love to taunt the rich. My, people get feisty when it comes to their Louis Vuitton!


Joe Moore said...

It's amazing how some of these rich people are. Here they could probably afford to buy dozens of bags, but yet they scramble to get the free one. Maybe that's why they're so rich? Because they just live off of swag. :-)

Jesse Archer said...

Rich people are notoriously stingy! And it wasn't even a bag--it was a placemat disc thingy. Something they will find in their winter storage in 2011.

Buck said...

I dont know any Kanye songs either-except that Golddigger one.

Dtown Sal said...

No matter where you are, double fisting is never unappropriate.

...I'm referring to your champagne by the way

stephen said...

I love the two glasses of champagne pic ! I have done that and acted like you are looking for someone you are with to give the other glass to.... ha ha! It is a classic!