Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Triceratops Seeks Tricerabottoms

Paleontologists in Mexico have uncovered a new new dinosaur species that attracted mates using 3 giant horns and a large "neck frill." In addition (let me take a deep breathe) the new dinosaur was endowed with the largest head of any animal that ever walked the earth.

Not that size matters -- the animal is extinct, but still. I'm not sure which turns me on most: is it the largest head, the three giant horns, or the neck frill?

Do I have to choose? This dinosaur could probably explain my attraction to well-hung drag queens.


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

So now you get turned on by fossils - does this represent your personal position on agism? If so, does that mean there's hope for older guys (I don't mean Bam - many happy returns, Bam) who aren't drag queens ? Or is it just "older" drag queens? Please clarify.

BTW, on a completely different subject, you haven't mentioned the nice review ("appealing," "witty") of Four Letter Word in the April 8 issue of The Advocate magazine. There's also a half-page picture of you and Charlie David - sweet - check it out everybody.

Joe Moore said...

Big Heads.....mmmmmmm :-)