Monday, March 31, 2008 a four letter word!

Congrats to Casper Andreas and our cast for being the number one film at Chelsea Clearview Cinemas over the weekend! Thanks for all those who came out in support--we beat Horton Hears a Who!! A Four Letter Word is being held over for a second week.

Here's some after-party photos I nabbed at my friend Zeren's blog. I love Zeren!

This outfit from the film's poster will never die. Since receiving the gold glitter "L", it has never been washed. I can see myself at 60 years old, still parading this top around town. Scary future vision.

Wearing that indefatigable top: Cooldan

Bottom, the usual suspects: Scott, Anita, Bam Bam


corey thomas said...

i came across your blog a month or so ago and the name sounded so familiar.

it just hit me today that you have a column in OUT and i interned there last summer. got it!

ZEREN said...

OH! I should send you all pictures!
Hopefully I ll be able to send tonite or latest tomorrow.
Great movie!!!

Mark in DE said...

Great film! You're fantastic.

Mark :-)