Friday, March 21, 2008

Over The Hill

March's the first day of spring. In stark contradiction, it is also Bam Bam's 40th birthday.

Happy Birthday Bam Bam!

He's being really fussy about turning forty.

"In gay years, I'm dead," he says morosely, and I try to comfort him with words. "Why are you worried about turning 40?" I say, "When you look 45?"

Such a fuddyduddy, Bam Bam's refused to allow any get togethers; no celebrations, no friends. It will be a quiet, reflective evening. Our alternative party plans include watching an episode of "Six Feet Under" and sharing a bottle of champagne together in the St. Marks cemetery.

Tomorrow, one hopes, it's back to living.


Anonymous said...

Bam is hot! Why be so hard ON him, when you could be hard IN him?

Happy Birthday Bam!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bam Bam!!

mich lyon said...


take it from someone older and perhaps wiser - 40 is the new 30 - particularly when your dating someone in their 20s.

love and a hug,


Anonymous said...

You're hot Bam Bam. That's what's important.
Happy Birthday!

Bob said...

Gay men don't even begin to enter middle-age until their 50's, especially if they use a good moisturizer.

Happy Birthday, Bam Bam!